Where do the world’s 4 weirdos come from?Each more mysterious than the last

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Hello, everyone, I am a gua, today to tell you about the world’s rumors of the mystery of 4 big eccentric, each is mysterious and weird, we have a look, these mysteries are true or false.The mystery of the first Abominable Snowman.About abominable abominable snowman, this first came from the Sherpa people, they claimed to have seen a local, 1.5 to 4.6 meters high, spiky head, red hair on the top, covered with gray yellow hair, walking fast animal, and named it the night emperor.One of the earliest reports of a yeti is from 1925, when a geological expedition, exploring the Himalayas, apparently spotted a figure passing in the distance.According to the description, the creature, he can stop to walk upright and occasionally, will also pick up some things from time to time, compared with snow, it seem a bit dark, didn’t wear clothes, aware of this, the captain of the photographer and immediately press the shutter, before he disappeared down the sets of pictures of him, then they went to look at it.They found several sets of footprints in the snow, which looked like human footprints and were definitely not made by a human. When they asked the locals about the animal, they told him it was the “Kanchenjunga Devil”.They didn’t think so, but since he didn’t know what it was, he decided it was either a wandering Buddhist or an Indian monk.It wasn’t until 1951 that British mountaineers Eric Shipton and Michael Ward, at an altitude of 6,096 meters, spotted a set of footprints much larger than Tombaz’s, each 39 centimeters wide and 54 centimeters long.Based on the old and new footprints, it seemed to be the most recent, so Shipton and Ward followed it for about a mile until it disappeared into the hard ice without finding the footprints’ owner. And so the yeti legend spread.So is there a snowman in the end? Some people say that this animal may have intelligence similar to that of human beings, which may be lower than that of human beings, but higher than that of apes. Some people say that snowman does not exist at all, it is just a brown bear!But the concrete existence does not exist, this up to now there is no way to confirm.The legend of the American Lizard Man may have originated in 1988. It is said that on June 29, 1988, a 17-year-old boy named Davis was changing a tire on his car near a swamp in South Carolina.Suddenly he heard a noise coming from behind him. He looked back and was stunned, for there was a monster walking towards him not far away. This made him panic and he fled into the car.But only to find that the similar lizard monster if has the wisdom, unexpectedly pull the handlebars want to enter the car, so the two sides and so on, compared to the strength, later, he recalls, “I turned look at it, clearly see it hands only three fingers, dark and thick and long, green skin is very rough, tall, very strong.He then started the car with one hand and put his foot down on the gas pedal, which saved his life.Many people believe that lizard people must exist.But some scholars believe that “lizard man” is not credible, because according to the most basic biological principles, an advanced animal species to survive, must have a suitable environment and the lowest number of people, so if they exist?It must be a very large population.If there are not enough things and not enough of this base, or enough of this base but they are scattered and don’t come into contact with each other very often, the species will die out, so the existence of lizard man is not very likely, so it’s a mystery.We all know that there are only yellow, white and black skin colors on earth, but one day in August 1887, people who lived near Banjos, Spain, reported that they saw two green children coming out of a cave. They spoke no Spanish and stood there terrified and bewildered.Although surprised in the heart, but curiosity drives people sent the two children some food, it’s a pity that at first they refuse to eat, the boy died soon, but the green girl is clever, she had learned some Spanish, so talk to them, according to the girl, they come from a place without the sun, be tornadoes here.The green girl lived for another five years and died in 1892.Exactly where she came from and why their skin was green were never answered.It is not even known whether this is true or not, but it is said that in the eleventh century AD two such green children also walked out of a cave in Urbitt, England, and told the same story.Four, the mystery of the sea people it originated in 1959, it is said that one day in February that year, the port of gdynia in Poland, one of the mission, suddenly discovered that the sea there is a person, that person difficult action, tugged heavy steps to move on the beach, a see be victims, so people immediately sent him to the hospital at the university of gdynia.According to the hospital, the man was wearing something like a uniform, with his face and hair as if he had been burned. When the doctor tried to undo the man’s clothes, they found that the man’s clothes were not made of cloth or cotton, but of metal, and there was no opening in the clothes.Special tools were used to cut open the clothes, but when they examined the man, they were surprised to find that he had an unusual number of fingers and toes, and that his blood circulation and organs were unusual.No one knows where he has gone. Some people speculate that he may have come from the bottom of the sea, but no one knows whether there really are underwater people in the world.Ok, I am the only one. That’s it for today. See you next time.