Liang Jiu Jun in the city of the 16th people’s Congress on the first session of the court of practice work report

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China Shandong network – Perceived Shandong February 19 – (reporter Xu Jianbin) On February 19, at the first meeting of the 16th People’s Congress of Zibo City, Liang Jiujun, president of the Municipal Court, delivered a work report of the Zibo Intermediate People’s Court to the conference.Liang Jiujun said that since 2017, the courts in the city have adhered to The guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, fully implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and all previous plenary sessions of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), studied and implemented Xi Jinping Thought on the rule of law, kept in mind their original mission, faithfully performed their duties and fulfilled their duties, and achieved breakthroughs in their overall work.The courts of the city accepted 508,808 cases and concluded 511,924 cases.The municipal court has won dozens of honorary titles at or above the provincial level, such as The Advanced Collective in The Construction of Pingan China, the Advanced Collective in the criminal trial work of national courts, and the Advanced Collective in the informatization work of national courts.Yiyuan Court was honored as the national model court, And Zichuan and Boshan courts were honored as the national excellent court.Liang Jiujun said, in the past five years, the city’s courts firmly build absolute loyalty, determined to promote the construction of political organs.We should grasp the decisive significance of the “two certainties”, strengthen our awareness of the “four Principles”, strengthen our confidence in the “four Principles”, and safeguard the “two principles”.The “Two Sticks” thematic educational approach was a typical speaker at the National Court conference.The municipal court was awarded the Excellent Organization Award of the National Court grassroots Party organization improvement Project.Always bear in mind the “great country”, bow to escort the city’s transformation and development.The 64 key tasks of the “No. 1 Reform Project” have been vigorously implemented, and more than 80 institutional mechanisms including legal empowerment have been improved. People’s Daily reported under the title “As long as Zibo can develop, the court is willing to take risks”.68,980 commercial cases involving 32.35 billion yuan were concluded.To build the “Zibo mode” bankruptcy trial of “non-stop production, staff, market and tax source”, and concluded 680 bankruptcy cases, participated in the legislative amendment of the enterprise bankruptcy law for three times, and contributed to the “Zibo plan” for the national bankruptcy system reform.We concluded 2,889 intellectual property cases, and protected enterprises’ independent innovation in accordance with the law.We will do our best to uphold social harmony and stability.Concluded 21,082 criminal cases of various types, and sentenced 23,196 people to criminal punishments.It carried out three years of special struggle against Mafia and evil, and was rated as advanced Collective of Special struggle against Mafia and evil in Shandong Province.We helped consolidate the overwhelming victory in the fight against corruption, and concluded 445 cases of embezzlement, bribery, dereliction of duty and other crimes.We supervised and supported administration in accordance with the law, concluded 7,708 administrative cases, and examined 4,416 administrative non-litigation enforcement cases.We will continue to put the people first and improve people’s perception of justice.Concluded 164,121 civil cases.We won the battle of “basically resolving difficulties in execution” as scheduled, closing 139,333 cases.Concluded 1,255 environmental and resource cases.Since 2020, the whole process of online case handling has been fully implemented, with 219,000 cases filed online and 1.994 million electronic deliveries. Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, “trials are not closed and services are not dropped off line”.We persevered with reform and innovation, and deepened reform of the judicial system.The judicial responsibility system has been fully implemented, and the judicial power operation mechanism under which judges make decisions and judges take responsibility has been constantly improved.We deepened the reform of the mechanism of separate investigation, adjudication and trial, and 184,787 cases were concluded through petty lawsuits and summary procedures.Galloping and ceaseless comprehensive strict party governance, engraved responsibility to make brand court team.We have made solid progress in the thematic education of “Two studies and one Action”, “Staying true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind” and party history education, and carried out the activities of “The Year of Improving Judicial Style” and “The Year of Building judicial Standardization”.We worked hard to rectify forms of corruption, bureaucratism, extravagance, and extravagance, and punished corruption with a sharp sword. The total number of reports on discipline inspection and complaints filed through letters and visits dropped by 36.3 percent.He is not afraid to accept supervision consciously and is determined to improve the work of the court itself.We introduced an innovative working mechanism for connecting deputies to people’s congresses and CPPCC members on a regular basis, and replaced “frequent communication” with “frequent visits”.We conscientiously accepted the oversight of the PEOPLE’s Congresses and the democratic oversight of the CPPCC, earnestly accepted the oversight of disciplinary and supervisory organs and procuratorial organs, expanded the channels for public oversight, and voluntarily accepted the oversight of the media.Liang Jiujun said that in 2021, the work of the courts in the city has been fully on the rise and moving forward vigorously, with the courage to jump the gun in front of the competition and the courage to run quickly in front of excellence. The overall work has achieved a new leap at a new starting point.Keep abreast of the business environment and strive to promote stability and protection.Under the “warm enterprise Ann business” first chess.Issued 14 opinions on heating enterprises and security business, and promoted the establishment of “municipal Enterprise economic dispute mediation center”.The index of “handling bankruptcy” and “contract execution” were selected as national benchmark cities and cities with excellent performance respectively. The innovation experience of the linkage between the government and the court of bankruptcy has been fully affirmed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, the Supreme Court and the National Development and Reform Commission.Play “teng cage for birds” initiative battle.We helped 32 enterprises to go through bankruptcy reorganization and six to liquidate under insurance.Help Shandong Guihe Group “nirvana rebirth”;Shandong Automobile Spring Factory Zibo Company “break cocoon into butterfly”, selected into the national specialized special new “little giant” enterprise.A combination of “entrepreneurship and prosperity”.The restructuring case of Shandong Lanfan Chemical Company was concluded in accordance with the law, which added new impetus to the accelerated formation of the capital market “Zibo plate”.To break the ice to conclude the province’s first personal debt clearing case.Play the good Governance Concerto.We strengthened the positive interaction between the government and the hospital, intervened in advance in accordance with the law and ensured the whole process of major urban quality improvement projects such as the North Square of the Railway Station, the Dawu Water Source and the Jiwei Expressway, and ensured that the rate of the heads of administrative organs attending court was 100%.Keep a close eye on normative judicature, improve quality and increase efficiency on zi mian forge ahead.The city’s courts set up 104 quick adjudication teams to improve the management mechanism of early-warning of trial limits, delayed approval, and promotion of long-term pending cases.To ensure the quality of targeted supervision, the SPC has improved the system of compulsory retrieval of such cases, the system of answering questions after interpretation of judgments, and the three-level progressive case-checking mechanism of collegial panels, judges’ meetings, and trial committees, which have been summarized and promoted by the Supreme Court.To solve disputes at the source to achieve results, the establishment of pre-litigation mediation committee, pre-litigation mediation success rate is the highest in the province;The total number of cases received by the municipal courts decreased by 22.8%, and the six experiences of diversified dispute resolution were promoted by the provincial courts.To integrate the implementation of potential, the province took the lead in promoting the “integration of establishment, examination and execution” management source governance, automatic performance, positive incentives, breach of contract punishment into the whole process, all links, the implementation of “3+1” core indicators ranked first in the province.Close court construction, go up in basic-level management zi mian forge ahead.We strengthened joint governance with party committees and governments, with village and residential networks, with industry organizations, and with social forces, effectively helping to form a comprehensive governance pattern featuring joint contribution, joint governance, and shared benefits. The bridgehead of diverse co-governance has become increasingly prominent.We have built, renovated or expanded 10 courts, upgraded 29 one-stop litigation service stations, and set up 87 “E+ circuit smart courts.” We have promoted the full coverage of the “quarter hour litigation service circle” around the people, making judicial services increasingly prominent as “commandos”.We have innovated and implemented the case handling mode of “mediation first, quick review and support, and thorough review to ensure the bottom line”, and created a “general clinic” for solving disputes with “small and quick spirit”.The rate of civil cases being withdrawn from courts in The city reached 68%, and relevant practices were selected by the Supreme People’s Court for The Construction of People’s Courts in the New Era, demonstrating the “main position” of efficient dispute resolution.Grasp education to rectify, in concentrated casting soul on zi mian forge ahead.Bearing the trend of “Yenan Rectification”, the study and education run through the whole process, promoting political education to engrave the mind and heart, party history education into the spirit and soul, warning education into the bone and marrow, and excellent model education to see the effect of action;Relying on the threat of “learning from past mistakes to avoid future ones”, we have dealt with seven deep-rooted problems, such as intervening in handling cases, passive implementation, and reducing temporary leave in violation of regulations.As the only typical case of the court system, the experience of bankruptcy trial was selected into the story sharing meeting of “I do Practical things for the People” held by the provincial political and legal organs.With the policy of “managing the chief and tackling the root causes”, more than 90 systems have been formulated and implemented, and the most strict methods of avoiding leading cadres and judges from taking office have been formulated and implemented. The two system construction achievements have been identified as the typical cases of “thinking with understanding” in the city.Liang Jiu army, said the next five years, the court in the city will be xi jinping, the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth study and implement xi thought of rule of law, the full implementation of the city the 13th congress of policy decisions and the general assembly resolutions, to serve the “nine when we can” as the center of gravity, in order to “reform to quality” for the gripper,Strive to implement the “strengthening party building and over the host, optimization of business environment, refined, and of the people’s livelihood, deepen the five source management, purify the political ecology” five projects, bear responsibility for risk, innovation record, promote the change of the concept of judicial control, judicial efficiency fission, fusion judicial quality, strive to build integrated services in the national influential zibo court brand,To provide a strong judicial guarantee to promote the construction of modern Zibo with high quality.The courts of the city will strive to improve the quality of the reform of “strengthening the Party’s construction and leadership”, improve the degree of political leadership, increase the purity of thought leadership, organization leadership, and continue to make efforts to adhere to the absolute leadership of the Party.The municipal court will devote itself to improving the quality of the reform of “optimizing the business environment”, creating a high-level service environment, a high-level rehabilitation environment, an efficient energy guarantee environment, a high-quality and stable environment, and making continuous efforts in the transformation and leap of the service economy.The courts of the city will do: to improve the quality of the reform of “refining the practical matters concerning people’s livelihood”, to make the litigation service more warm, to make the people feel more at ease, to make the judicial perception more comfortable, to maintain social fairness and justice on the continuous thrust.The city’s court will do: to deepen the “five sources of governance” reform to improve the quality, do deep litigation source governance without litigation articles, do fine case source governance to avoid litigation articles, do fine enforcement source governance to reduce litigation articles, do real visit source governance articles, do strict corruption source governance articles, in the expansion of the comprehensive effectiveness of the trial continued to increase.The courts in the city will devote themselves to improving the quality with the reform of “purifying the political ecology”, forging an iron heart to the Party’s ideals and beliefs, cultivating the judicial character, sharpening the iron shoulder to bear the strong ability, tempering the iron hand, discipline, purity and integrity, and continuously intensifying efforts to build a strong judicial army.