Heating oil in winterWhat is the correct way to turn on the warm air in BMW?

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The weather is suddenly cold, warm air is commonly used by car friends in winter, especially the temperature difference between morning and evening now, but some car friends of the correct use of warm air in the car is not very clear, even some mistakes, this time we say what is worth paying attention to the car warm air?                                                             Should I open the A/C key or not?Many people believe that the warm air is also part of the air conditioner, so they turn on the A/C button before using the warm air.A/C is the abbreviation of Air Condition, which can be understood as the Air conditioning refrigeration switch. In summer, open the A/C key, the compressor in the car will start to work and blow out cold Air. In winter, there is no need to open the A/C key, because the automobile Air conditioning heating has nothing to do with the compressor, but is provided by the car’s cooling water tank.Heating oil?Some people think that the heating is more expensive, in fact, it is not to open the heating, but you open A/C key together, the compressor has been working, increasing the burden of the engine so it will feel expensive oil.Just for a warm wind, you never even the extent of the oil!Turning on the heat in the car can quickly raise the temperature in the car?Many students are afraid of the cold, as soon as they get into the car, they will immediately turn on the warm air. In fact, this approach can not only quickly heat up, but also delay the normal rise of the engine temperature. In winter, the temperature of the engine just started the water tank is still very low, and opening the air conditioning will only increase the burden of the engine.                                                       Proper use of BMW air conditioning warm air steps: 1, first start the engine preheat;2. Close A/C(snow spline);3. When the water temperature meter pointer points to the middle position (some models without water temperature meter can set the time, about 10 minutes);4, turn the knob to red, open the warm air mode (do not open A/C key);5, the air circulation is set to the external circulation for about 3 minutes, so as to exhaust the cold air inside the car, but also to replace the fresh air outside the car;6, set the air circulation as internal circulation;7. Adjust the air volume and wind direction: adjust the air conditioning gear, adjust the wind direction of the outlet, and the direction of the warm wind is generally blowing forward and under the foot.(1) Proper ventilation is required when warm air is opened for a long time.After the car for a long time open air conditioning warm air, often produce a feeling of not breathing smoothly.Because the car itself is in a closed space, the heat exchange in the breath is constantly generated, the air will feel not circulation, then you can open the four Windows a small crack.(2) The temperature should not be too high.It is best not to blow straight face, winter driving warm air temperature should not be too high, otherwise easy to cause drowsiness and cause accidents.(3) Warm air is prone to bacteria.Keep dry and smoke less, close the Windows for a long time in winter to open the warm wind, so that a large number of bacteria have the opportunity to reproduce in the car, you can turn off the heating a few minutes before parking, open the external circulation, to ensure that the air conditioning system is relatively dry.