Wu Dajing defending defeat: calm acceptance, is still a legend

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Wu dajing is more mature than he was four years ago.He remained calm in the face of the drama.Pyeongchang Olympic champion Wu Dajing failed to defend his gold medal in the men’s 500m short-track speed skating semifinal at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 13, missing the qualification for group A by 0.016 seconds.The race was contested by Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea, who was disqualified for foul play.Did not enter the group A final, no defending, Wu Dajing calmly accepted it all, in the GROUP B final, all the slide out of the first good result.The pressure of defending his title has been throughout his preparation cycle for the Beijing Winter Olympics. One of the most frequently asked questions for Wu was “Are you confident about defending your title?”At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, he won the only gold medal for The Chinese delegation in the men’s 500-meter short-track speed skating event.Came to the Beijing Winter Olympics cycle, Wu Dajing did not dare to relax a moment: “to pay 120% of the effort, for me, I am not to keep, I also go to the champion, because there are too many people can take the champion.”Wu Dajing tried to defend his title according to IC Photo, but during this time he was under great pressure and even doubt.As he grew older and participated in fewer international competitions, Wu dajing’s low point almost ran through the whole preparation cycle.Wu dajing was expected to become the “double gold king” after he helped the Chinese relay team win the mixed 2,000m gold medal.Before the game, Wu Dajing and hot search.Originally, 2 years ago in the TV series “Ice sugar stew Pear” finale, guest wu Dajing encouraged the heroine Tang Xue, to believe in yourself, adhere to the dream, he recorded a training video for Tang Xue bend, and agreed to meet in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.Now, Wu Dajing has won the first gold Winter Olympics, but tang snow.This isn’t wu’s only touch screen.Wu Dajing is also in “I wait for you in Beijing”, and his heart of the “goddess” Jiang Shuying play.Two other Chinese skaters ren Ziwei and Sun Long were out of the short-track speed skating men’s 500m quarter-finals today after Ren Ziwei collided with his opponent but the referee did not call a penalty, leaving defending champion Wu Dajing alone in the 500m.Wu dajing skated 40.23 seconds in the qualification round, ranking first in the group.Wu Dajing in the previous quarter final with 40 seconds 528, is also ranked first group promotion.Wu dajing’s semi-final was played in the second group of five players including Hwang Dae-heon of South Korea and Liu Shao-ang of Hungary.The first shot or someone false start, this is not a small psychological challenge for players.Because once the second shot false start again, directly out of the race.The second gun, Wu Dajing started in the third place.He started chasing hard and on the penultimate lap there was a collision.Wu Dajing finally crossed the finish line third.After the referee’s final decision, South Korea’s Hwang Dae-heon was penalized for foul play, but Wu Dae-jing is still out of the final group A final.Wang Meng also pointed out that “Hwang daheon definitely committed a foul, he also burned his boat at the critical moment, so did his skating, which had an impact on Dubois.”Wang Meng pointed out that “Huang daxian’s movement also interfered with Wu Dajing, raising the skate blade, Wu Dajing could only hide, which also had an impact.”Short track speed skating, at its best and at its most brutal, is one of those moments that determine whether a skater becomes a legend or a legend bystander.Will not give up hope semifinal results out, Wu Dajing no defending the outcome has been unable to change.He had to banish all other thoughts and continue to play in the Group B final.Back when wu first joined the national team, he was considered a mediocre talent. In the first two years, he was always a marginal player, often wandering in the second-tier teams or working as a training partner for the main team.It was a gloomy day that could crush the nerves, every day to accompany the female team training, but also beyond the girls, Wu Dajing’s heart is like a knife, “long distance Zhou Yang over me, short distance Fan Kexin over me, every day his self-esteem is being hit.”It is that time of stimulation, let Wu Dajing more hard training, to prove themselves.Wu Dajing (second from right) remained focused as the starting gun sounded and ranked first in Group B with 41.157 seconds.After the race, Wu dajing waved to the audience. He still holds the world and Olympic records in this event.Wu dajing once responded to his years of ups and downs, “In more than 10 years, I went from a nobody to an Olympic champion, from unstable condition to seven consecutive gold MEDALS of men’s 500 meters, and now I’m not in good condition. The ups and downs along the way taught me how to face difficulties.I will not give up hope, I will not give up the effort!”Red Star news reporter Hu Minjuan editor Ou Peng (download red Star news, report awards!)