There are several teams in the World Cup

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There are 32 teams in the World Cup.As the most influential continental soccer event in the world, the World Cup has gone through a long process of development from a small competition with only 13 teams in the original (1930) to the ultimate feast for fans around the world, with 32 teams from all continents competing in eight groups.1954-1978 World Cup: 16 1982-1994 World Cup: 24 1998-Modern Era: 32 Which teams are not allowed to participate in the World Cup?As long as the FIFA team is qualified for the World Cup, as long as the quality is good enough, they have the chance to qualify for the World Cup, the real sense of the World Cup such a grand event of football.However, teams from countries/regions that are not members of FIFA are not allowed to participate in World Cup qualifying matches.These countries are usually affiliated with other World Cup participants, such as French Guiana in South America. They are not affiliated with FIFA, the world governing body for soccer, and therefore do not qualify.Will there be more teams to come?That’s right!Will.After Qatar, the United States, Mexico and Canada will co-host the Tournament, which will increase the number of teams from 32 to 48, allowing more countries to qualify for the tournament.But that’s a long way off.