The guide for early Spring outing is here. These six self-drive routes will guide you to the beautiful spring scenery in China

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The start of Spring has passed, and we have officially entered the spring of 2022.At this time, the weather is getting warmer, things are coming back to life, it is a good time to drive.Today, we specially selected 6 routes suitable for spring self-driving, there are long lines and short distances, there are self-driving plans to collect it first!1. · the tour in the south of anhui anhui zijia lines: huangshan to siu-tong with – xin an river – Yang produce tulou, so dragon pond village – the village of tide to hong cun, qiyun moutain – wooden pear Hong – huangshan scenery along the way: a comprehensive production with arch street, xin an river gallery, Yang tulou, so dragon pond village, hong cun, wooden pear Hong poetic landscape, in the south of anhui huizhou’s picturesque glistening, this will take you appreciate the line.Starting from Huangshan mountain, tangyue Archway Street is a family monument erected by Huizhou merchant families in more than 400 years.Xin anjiang Gallery is full of rapeseed flowers in March and April every year.There are small mountain shanzhai – Yang produce earth building;Hongcun, known as the “village in Chinese painting”, and Shitan village, located in the high mountains, are covered with rape flowers, peach blossoms and pear flowers in March and April every year.In addition, there is a small niche treasure small land, known as “the most beautiful Mountain village of Huangshan” Muli 硔.2. Southeast Tibet Ring Road · See the most classic scenic road in Tibet: Lhasa → Yamdrok Yaroko → Zetang → Sangye Temple → Ramlacho → Gacha → Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon → Lulang → Metuo → Bomi → Laigu Glacier → Ranwu Lake → Lulang Town → Nyingchi Scenery along the way:Yamdrok Yarlung Tsarco, Sangye Temple, Ramlak Tsarco, Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, Lulang, Laigu Glacier and Ranwu Lake are all part of the southeast Ring of Tibet, with snow mountains, forests, wetlands, Tibetan villages and grasslands along the way.There are many attractions worth stopping at along the way.There are yamdrok Yarkso, one of the three sacred lakes in Tibet along with Mansarovar and Namtso, the most legendary lake in Tibet, Lamlak, whose lake level is more than 5,000 meters above sea level, and Ranwu Lake, the main source of Palong Zangbo, a tributary of yarlung Zangbo River.There are the Laigu glacier, which is surrounded by laigu Village and has several dragon shaped glacial belts, the 15th highest peak in the world, and namjagbarwa Peak, which is rated as “The most beautiful Snow Mountain in China” by China National Geography.Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon, which is the deepest canyon on the earth and the best place to enjoy Namjagbarwa Peak, Lunlang Scenic spot, which has the most primitive forest scenery on the Sichuan-Tibet Line, sangye Temple, known as the “first temple in Tibet”, and other natural scenery and cultural relics.Just pick a stop and you won’t be disappointed.3. Jiangsu and zhejiang provinces, jiangnan town tour zijia lines: huzhou to nanxun, jiaxing to wuzhen, xitang, to suzhou, zhouzhuang and tongli scenery along the way: nanxun town, wuzhen, xitang, zhouzhuang, tongli, spring and summer is the most suitable to jiangnan ancient town, this is a classic ancient town line, can let you to the classic ancient town of jiangnan the gang at once.Nanxun is not only full of rich historical and cultural deposits, but also permeated with the poetic and pictorial charm of jiangnan water town.Wuzhen: It completely preserves the style and pattern of the ancient water town in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, and is known as the “land of fish and rice”.Zhouzhuang is reputed as “The first water town in China” and has a real sense of “small bridge and flowing water”.Tongli: There are many rivers and Bridges, many buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and many celebrities and elegant scholars. It seems ancient, but it is combined with modern.Xitang: one of the six ancient towns in the South of the Yangtze River, it is one of the birthplaces of ancient Wuyue culture.4. Guizhou · Southwest Guizhou Drunken Beauty spring line self-driving line: Guiyang → Yunfeng Tunbao → Huangguoshu Waterfall → Wanfeng Forest rape → Maling River Valley → Umeng Prairie → Baili Azalea → Zhijin Cave → Guiyang Scenery along the way:Yunfeng Tun Fort, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Wanfenglin rapeseed, Maling River Grand Canyon, Wumeng Prairie, 100 li azalea, Zhijin Cave this route in southwest Guizhou, spring has two of the biggest attractions.One is wanfenglin rape flower sea, two is bijie 100 li azalea.The Wanfeng Forest is one of the five most beautiful peaks in China, with nearly 20,000 peaks and green mountains. Every spring, rape flowers bloom here.Baili Rhododendron is the largest original rhododendron forest in China.Every year in late March and April, the mountain stretches for 100 miles and is covered with natural azaleas.5. Volcanic island tour zijia lines: fujian xiamen and zhangzhou to volcanic island, return the scenery: xiangshan, Lin Jin island, south ikari island, geological museum, zhenhai Angle before a volcanic island is located in zhangzhou liang-fon estate located pavilion town, is China’s only coastal scenic area of volcanic geology, there are color monument valley, xiangshan, Lin Jin lantau island, south anchorage, volcanic geological museum etc.The island is well equipped with sightseeing buses, hotels, fisherman’s houses and rv camps.The overall style is particularly artistic, infinity pool also put the old truck and hot air balloon, with a shot are large!In addition, if you want to see the romantic seascape and feel the mood of facing the sea, you must not miss the jinhae Cape along the way.With a 300-degree ocean view, a meadow of flowers at your feet and a red-and-white lighthouse in the distance…6. Looking for spring · The southern Route of Sichuan and Tibet Autonomous Driving route: Chengdu → Kangding → Xindu Bridge → Litang → Batang → Mangkang → Zuogong → Bomi → Nyingchi → Lhasa → ChengduXindu Bridge Xindu Bridge is a small town in the western part of Kangding County. It is known as the “photographer’s paradise” for its winding streams, well-arranged Tibetan villages and rolling hills.The xindu Bridge, recommended by National Geographic as one of the best vantage points for viewing Mount Gongga, can also be seen in fine weather.Litang Since Ding Zhen became popular, his hometown Litang County is also known by more and more people.Litang is more than 4000 meters above sea level, known as the “world high city”, because of the vast Maoya prairie in the county.Litang Temple in Litang, is the largest Yellow temple in the south of Kang District, known as “Kangnan Buddhist Shrine”;Under the village will be able to see The Nie mountain and nie eye, lucky words can also see the sunshine golden mountain spectacular picture.With a history of more than 1,300 years, the ancient salt field of Yanjing in Mangkam County is the most primitive artificial salt making method in the world.Here you can watch the whole process of manual salt production, you can also see the original production tools, simple salt people and simple folk customs.They are like a palette of red and white, which can be taken at any moment.Nyingchi, known as the “South of the Yangtze River in Xizang province”, boasts idyllic scenery and has been repeatedly listed in China National Geography.Every March and April, it is the season to go to Tibet to see the peach blossoms in Nyingchi.Nyingchi’s most beautiful peach blossoms are mainly found in three villages.One is Kala Village, known as the “No.1 Peach Blossom Village in Nyingchi”, which is the main venue of all previous Peach Blossom Festivals in Tibet.One is Bomi Peach Blossom Valley, where peach blossoms stretch for more than 30 kilometers and are rated by Guinness as “The largest peach blossom Valley in China”.One is Suosong Village, which is the best place to appreciate flowers in Millin County and a famous paradise in Tibet.Where would you most like to go after seeing these 6 stunning spring routes?This issue to share this, like travel partners, welcome to pay attention to!Some pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!