Record the warmth of winter operation of Shandong Branch of China Eastern Airlines

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Figure: Warmth of Winter operation of Shandong Branch of China Eastern Airlines”Sunset features far, snow night in” from 2021 to 2022, China Eastern shandong branch and ushered in a new winter operation cycle, Qingdao as one of the north “zhen”, often need to face multiple the baptism of “snow”, a year and this year is very special, is China Eastern shandong branch transitions first winter jiaodong Qingdao international airport,With brand-new airport facilities and brand-new operating environment, how does the branch turn the snow into warmth and warm “homecoming” with warmth?Waiting, there is a group of anxious “returnees” under the epidemic winter operation more than before more branches in a hurry, this group of returnees or carrying bags to study abroad, or with a native voice running home, or carrying dry goods for the first time into the city and their children’s parents Spring Festival……They looked at the hands of the tickets, looking at the terminal building outside the snow, brow is not open sorrow, today can return home?When I saw a plane with “East New Swallow” slowly on the bridge when I know the shandong branch of Eastern Airlines to give the answer is yes.Relying on the new airport and new equipment, the branch implemented the second-class operation standard, which greatly improved the operation efficiency.At the same time, actively cooperate with the joint deicing of the airport, no longer relying on their own deicing vehicles, to achieve resource sharing, mutual benefit of the new mode of deicing, so that the wind of the snowy night is no longer big, the snow is no longer deep, so that every anxious “homecoming” home road is no longer far away.Peace, there is a group of accompanying “return to Hong Kong people” every homecoming trip accompanied by a group of “return to Hong Kong people” forever.They are the flight personnel who know the snow weather before the flight, carefully study and make pre-flight preparations, and ensure the safety of every normal plane.They are not only serious and rigorous in the cabin, but also will check whether there is snow and ice on the bridge, and send a “welcome aboard” to the homebound passengers.It is a security personnel who is responsible for the safety of the cabin on the way home for every flight.When they are the group of researchers safely escorted passengers arrived at Qingdao airport in the snow, you harvest is back, and they were preparing for it again, against wind and snow, set sail once again, maybe until the lights on, and then to the shadow, and at the moment of peace throughout the day they are the real “to” Hong Kong people, a group of alternative “belongs to the family” wind and snow,When the plane slowly into the aircraft position, through the round window you will find that China Eastern airlines holding a glow stick to guide although the work clothes has been mowed by ice and snow, but the guiding action has been firm and powerful;When you get off the plane, the ground staff is already waiting at the door for every passenger wearing protective equipment but still can see the warm smile behind the mask;When the plane ended its mission for the day in the snow, the invisible staff of the command center also slowly breathed a sigh of relief, they infected every passenger with enthusiasm, with warmth against the merciless wind and snow.These front-line staff may not be able to go home, but there will be the labor union of Shandong Branch of China Eastern Airlines to visit the front-line staff to bring warmth, there will be dumplings made together on that day sent to each front-line department, there will be interesting riddles to bring a bit of fun to their hard work…As long as they leave their small home here, they can feel the warmth of the big family of China Eastern Airlines, when a group of alternative “return family”.In this winter, Shandong branch of China Eastern Airlines will accompany you all the way.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: