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The novel of waste soil and field is a branch of doomsday novel.However, although the background of waste soil farming is the end of the world, the content is not oppressive, but read people full of expectations and courage to build a new home. Let’s take a look. Lord of the EndThis is a lead mainstream taste of waste soil farming, male master is from the future through back to school times, he found that the distance from disaster there is more than one day.And around the students are unaware of the future, only he knows, soon humans will be involved in a forced to fight monsters upgrade and can not be revived in the end of the game.The hero at that time, like the others, was given a talent, and it was a relatively rare Lord talent, but for a variety of reasons, it was not used effectively.And this time, he’s going to make the most of it.Generally speaking, the atmosphere of this book is relaxed, and the hero has the memory of heavy life as a add-on. He is serious about farming construction, as if playing farming games.Ps: The book is dominated by a single heroine, with a low sense of existence and approximately no heroine.”Waste soil farming is to save” author: grapefruit soil word number: 720,000 words Status: serialized in this is a different star factory, star dew cereal language and other elements of waste soil farming text, the author is to write the old author of planting text, so the story structure is good.This book hero soul through waste soil, fortunately for the system, so that he can use a variety of farming game elements, easy to create super items.This ability for the body in the waste soil for him, is more appropriate.Generally speaking, the atmosphere of farming management in this book is thick. While the hero puts various famous simulation farming games into chaos, he develops slowly in the waste soil, which is interesting and cool enough.More importantly, the book is not repressive, and the wasteland has been here for many years, so the order is relatively peaceful.Ps: Although this book has a system, but may not like the system of the old iron can also see, the book itself is good, the other book is currently single female main.”My eschatological territory” author: pen, ink and paper key word number: 243 thousand words state: end this is a waste soil of infinite flow element text, male main place of the world appeared abyss crack, demonization beast climb out of it, eschatological appear.At the same time, some humans become awakened to fight against monsters, but the hero’s qualification is generally unable to awaken, fortunately he has the terminal Lord system.But this system is from the third-rate game, can not help men to recruit, also have no magic weapon, but also to help him build a Lord castle.So the male hero began to collect materials, serious construction……Generally speaking, the main line of this book is the hero to kill small monsters to build a castle, the content is relatively easy, the construction of cool points, although the early plot is a little slow, but the overall good, worth watching.”Waste local specialty supplier” author: Long legs uncle word: 332 million words Status: End this is a waste soil management with supplier elements of the field, this book imagination can, the male hero can have the ability to cross back and forth in reality and waste earth world.Male master itself is a sales, when he discovered the secret of the transmission, he became two sessions of the inverted uncle.However, the hero has his own principles, not pit those in the waste of ordinary people struggling, but the eyes of those who are businessmen.Overall, in addition to the book’s creativity, the story itself is also interesting, and it reads like an American comic book. The style is realistic and wild, which is suitable for the wasteland.So while some of the drama is over the top, it’s worth watching.Well, today’s books on waste soil farming are recommended here, I hope there are some old iron people like, welcome to chat in the comments section, push books for books, rice cake incidentally ask for a thumbs up.This article welcome to forward, do not reprint.