Every festival fat three catties, after the festival syndrome to find?Teach you full blood resurrection, second change workplace expert

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# Spring Festival # after the holiday, # work # always can’t get into the state, often feel upset, can’t raise the spirit and appetite, I’m afraid the post-holiday syndrome again!How to get back into shape quickly?During the Spring Festival, big fish and meat are indispensable on the table, and the seven-day feast will inevitably burden the stomach. After the festival, it is best to adjust the diet in time and eat more vegetables and fruits. It is suggested that you can make healthy meals by yourself!However, cooking at home should be safe with electricity.There are relatively more appliances in the kitchen, and when they are not used at ordinary times, they will struggle to pull the plug.This Simon I7 with switch socket can power off with one button, avoid frequent plug and plug damage to # socket # and electrical appliances, and save electricity. It is suggested to directly install the connected switch socket as shown in the picture, which is more convenient to use!The second trick: Keep moderate exercise every festive season fat three catties, it is time to move!Proper exercise not only rejuvenates you but also relieves tension.If you choose to exercise at home, you can set the exercise scene mode on Simon M6 Smart cable-free intelligent scene switch in advance and open it before exercise.The right light and shadow is easier to mobilize the enthusiasm of the movement, and the mood will become much better.In addition to the sports mode, Simon M6 Smart cabling Smart scene switch can be set up according to the user’s needs and preferences of 6 intelligent scene mode, such as: leisure, dining, sleep, etc.Adjust your sleep schedule. After sleeping late and waking up late during holidays, it can be difficult to fall asleep early on weekdays.However, if you don’t feel sleepy at night, you don’t need to force yourself to do something relaxing, such as reading or meditating. When you feel sleepy, you can switch to sleep mode by one button in bed with Simon M6 Smart cable-free intelligent scene switch.The Simon M6 Smart cable-free intelligent scene switch is almost free of space and location restrictions. With other products in the same series, you can also upgrade the scene experience.Follow @Simon Simon electric, get switch socket # Switch King play switch #, smart home # whole house smart enjoy what you want, lighting related dry goods knowledge, there are more interesting, informative content you enjoy ~