A letter from home is worth ten thousand dollars, a letter is the best medicine, modern society, we lose too much

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Mr. Zhao Zhujia and I have been net friends for many years.We got to know each other through the Internet. After a long time, we became friends we never met before.Mr. Zhu jia has always been keen on cultural undertakings. He once sent me several books edited by him. After reading them, HE benefited a lot.A few days ago, Mr. Zhu jia told me whether your address had changed and I would send you an express.Last night at 9:00, I took my daughter downstairs in the cold to pick up the delivery.When I opened it, IT turned out to be a book from Mr. Zhu’s house.After reading the preface, I learned that this book is different from any previous book, because it is written by Ms. Guo, Mr. Zhu’s lover, and it is 48 letters written by a mother in her daughter’s four years in college with her mother’s heart!After reading the first letter, I couldn’t wait to write a letter to Mr. Zhu jia to show my thanks.Mr. Zhu jia read my letter and said to me, can you write a book review?Writing book reviews, this kind of thing should be expert professors do, not my ability.As a reader, though, I would like and should say more.I do not know why, I am full of special love for letters, from “Lin Zexu letter”, “Zeng Guofan letter”, “Zuo Zongtang letter”, “Hu Linyi letter”, “Liang Qichao letter” to “Fu Lei letter”, and then to the 48 letters written by The wife of Mr. Zhu family, every time I read, I feel deeply.I felt as if I were standing in front of these people, listening to their word by word, deep or lively, hurried or distant, talking about the things around them, the truth of life, the way of young people to advance.I have read the complete editions of Zeng Guofan’s Letters and Liang Qichao’s Letters, and these two men, one called “half saints” and the other the founder of Chinese journalism, are both the people I admire most.In their body, I can deeply feel the power of words and the light of thought.Zeng guofan, liang qichao, hand cannot literati, when The Times call for them, they to use his frail shoulders up times, caked burning yourself, light the others, thus inspired tens of thousands of talented young people gathered at his side, common to the wheel of history on the way forward.It is precisely because of the infiltration and infection of these masters that I also like handwritten letters, believing that letter writing is the most in-depth, effective and lasting way of spiritual communication.In today’s world, we enjoy all the conveniences brought by modern technology. Time is no longer an obstacle and space no longer a distance.We can reach out to others across time and space by phone, wechat, QQ and even social media.The channel of this kind of contact can be said to be 24/7.However, our soul has not been closer, our realm has not been more noble, our happiness has not been more enriched, our loneliness, shallow, boring, helpless, despair and other negative emotions are increasing day by day.So I began to think, are we throwing away something we shouldn’t have given up?Yes, we lack a way to sit down and communicate rationally and emotionally, deeply and freely.When I picked up the pen again, when I will be your sorrows joy and thinking, ideas and Suggestions word on a piece of paper, when I sea wanton vertical and horizontal word expression, I suddenly found that, my heart was so dreamy, my body was so light, like to eat the ginseng fruit, generally around three hundred and sixty degrees, every pore happy!On wechat, in QQ dialog box, whether you use text or voice, it seems that you are busy responding to each other immediately. In fact, there are always some things that are not fully expressed, some language lacks vitality, some opinions lack thought, and some arguments are superficial.When I communicate by letter, these problems are avoided.Last night in my letter, I told Mr. Zhu that we happened to be so-called literati, and we had to do something different to live up to the word “literati”.Over the years, I have written hundreds of letters to relatives, friends and children, truly reaching the situation of “every odd thought bothers children”.What they “bother” may be life, may be work, may be love and marriage, may be me this chattering monster.However, they “vexed” or “love”, as a experienced person, I do not want them to go through the detours I walk again, more do not want them to fall in the mud puddles for a long time to climb up or simply do not get up.As a brother and parent, it was my duty and my duty to help them, whether they needed it or not.I think, no matter how strong or weak they are, they still need it.And this, perhaps is the original intention that Ms. Guo writes a letter to her daughter.From these letters, I can feel that this is not just a mother’s care, love, encouragement and guidance to her daughter, but more like a wise man talking to his friends about his feelings and giving his own advice.This kind of mother-daughter relationship, equal and harmonious, can talk about anything, is very enviable parent-child relationship.Mr. Zhu’s daughter can be admitted to Nanjing University and go to Hong Kong for postgraduate study. After graduation, she can become a budding leader, which must be closely related to this family atmosphere.The influence of family of origin on a person is long and profound.Almost all of our strengths, weaknesses, successes and tragedies can be traced back to our childhood.Inevitably, we carry with us the marks left by our parents, which we have no choice about whether they are bad or good.But what we need to do, what we can do, is to do our best to remove these bad marks and plant as many positive and energetic seeds as possible to our children, so that they can walk steadily, walk better and go farther in the future life journey.To tell you the truth, I haven’t written to my brothers and sisters for a long time.Read Ms. Guo’s letter home, I am very ashamed.Four years, a letter a month, this persistence is deeper and more persistent than my “every whim annoys a child”.I secretly made up my mind to learn from Ms. Guo and Mr. Zhu.A long stream, moisten things silently, if to “have a strange thought” when to “bother” children, that is absolutely not.(In Wuhan, February 20, 2022) # Headlines in Wuhan #