Zhang Changning, the famous women’s volleyball player, is getting married.Will she be in time for the World Series?

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Zhang Changning in the Valentine’s Day this day, she announced that she will be married in June this year, at this time to get married, and behind the world championship immediately face, so at this time Zhang Changning to get married, is also very unexpected people, so Zhang Changning can catch up and participate in the world championship?In 14, the day will be a lot of married couples will be announced or get a marriage certificate, and as a famous athlete Zhang Changning with Wu Guanxi is no exception, after several years of courtship, they after balance the relationship between the family and a career, they also officially out the photos in the day, but up to now,The much-admired sports couple are finally tying the knot.In 18 years, on both sides of the parents and other family members under the witness of friends, successfully proposed Wu Guanxi Zhang Changning, but because when two people are in their career rise period, and Zhang Changning have two volleyball World Cup and Olympic Games tournament competition pressure, so although have identified two people in a relationship, but also gathered from much less;Due to the schedule of women’s volleyball league and men’s basketball league, as well as the closed training of the national team and other factors, it is difficult for them to meet each other. However, this did not affect the development of their relationship and career progress.In the free time during the off-season, the two will visit their friends or go home to visit their parents, and life is still very sweet.Zhang Changning also had just finished meniscus operation at the same time, therefore, there is no way to go to the first batch of training camp, because the first batch of training camp is a high strength training, but if has not to keep training, then Zhang Changning is short of competitive state and requirements of the game, so when she is allowed to enter in training camp to practiced,Or do I have to stay away from the team and plan my wedding?Or just take a few days off to get married and then get into the game quickly?These are all people doubt, xiaobian think it is impossible not to participate in the world Championship, so let’s analyze it!Chang Ning in the previous world league and Tokyo Olympic Games above, has always been a very eye-catching play;Especially alive during the league, it is after the Chinese women’s volleyball team has lost in Canada and Belgium, Zhang Changning as the backbone of the team, she is always demonstrated a very strong will to fight, and that’s a determination to win, especially in the women’s volleyball team against Brazil, a seemingly completely is impossible to win this game,But at that time zhang Changning alone got 36 points;And also led a 3-2 win over the blues squad full of Brazilian women’s volleyball team, at that time under such a difficult situation, veteran Zhang Changning shows not only a mature very superb skill, among which showed the Chinese women’s volleyball team of the spirit of hard work, which is also greatly encouraged the morale of the team,At the same time, it also reflects her prestige and ability to drive the team.Women’s volleyball league in the world was divided into three weeks, so Zhang Changning absent is not possible, all the way in which the first week of the time is from May 31 to June 5, the second week of the time from June 14th to 19th this month, the third week of time is on June 28th to July 3, after three weeks and the final finals;In these three periods of time, Zhang Changning is in the end which week to hold the wedding, they are not sure, Zhang Changning’s technology is also through the test of three matches, and Zhang Changning as a small security main attack, so it can be said that she is an indispensable team in the core of an attack and defense conversion;However, no matter how comprehensive his skills are, if he can’t maintain high intensity training, if he just carries out general recovery training and can’t practice with the team, then Zhang Changning can’t meet the relevant requirements of the competition.Even if you go to boot camp and you’re planning to get married;It is hard to say whether Zhang Changning will miss the women’s Volleyball World League match. If zhang Changning is parachuted into the World League without any practical experience, it is also hard to say what kind of state she can show herself.Which one of the best way is, Zhang Changning can catch up with the second batch of training camp before may, are to be returned to adapt to the national team and the training intensity, then, can ask for leave in this way, take a few days to complete to marry, can maximum limit to participate in the league, of course, of course, don’t miss the league is the best,You can get the feel of it.Getting married does not mean returning to family. I hope Zhang Changning will have a happy family life in the future. At the same time, the scores of Chinese women’s volleyball team can be promoted step by step.