Xiapu Poetry Couplet Works (Volume 91)

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Xiapu Couplet Of Poetry works (Series 91) Xiapu Couplet Association Pursuing Dream, Cultivating talent and cultivating pillars of spring — Xiapu Centennial Football League (in order of strokes of family names) inherits the heroic style, inherits the tradition and wins the championship repeatedly in the world of football;Strong female generals, young yong, students become talented.Xiapu youth football team practiced kung fu hard, breaking the three pass skills;High morale, one foot in front of the world.Xiapu women’s football team skilled, Zhizhuang single point;Charge into the battle, technical jing one foot break the door.Remembering Mr. Xu Zhangduo rough life, how can kill lingyunzhi;Brilliant achievements, due to dedication.Wang Jianxian wrote Xiapu football, famous championship;Songcheng Star, to fight for the championship.On the football field, grandfathers show;In the sound of honor, the villagers express their aspirations.Xiapu football, a hundred years of outstanding achievements;Green name handsome, filled with painstaking efforts to teach talent.Wang Shichuan wrote green hero, into the pilot “football county”;Sports school youth, chi Du fujian “Zhang Duo cup”.Note: “Football county” refers to Xiapu county listed as the national youth football trial county in 2015;”Zhangduo Cup” is named after Xu Zhangduo, which has been held for 16 years.A hundred years of football culture, deep love after the Yang spirit;A letter haoyuan mind, send sentiment ancient city spirit.Xinghua scroll, “pilot” add flowers, sports garden thousands of show;Dream journey, handsome new step, the football field four spring.You are a player, with years of shaohua, dream shu elegant demeanour;Who such as coach, love of body and mind, planting spring breeding pillars.Three before the provincial competition, I won;City bid first, who and contend?Wang Long wrote a letter of care, sports fan, sujiang long stay ancient rhyme;One hundred years, on the football field, today’s new achievements.Hundred years of global history, this day carry forward;For thousands of years, the elite competed for the title.Body garden athletes firmly believe that the exclusive fame;Pine City ball friends tree new wind, virtue and art.Wang Liyao from