Will Manchester United face a big challenge?Nearly half the players could leave the team!Rangnick is going to have a field day

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With the 2022 winter window due to close in less than 24 hours, Manchester United are almost certain to have no new signings but have made a succession of deals to clear out redundant staff.Martial and diallo have joined Sevilla and Rangers on loan, while Van der Beek is also closing in on Everton.But the real drama will come in the summer, after the Manchester Evening News analysed united’s summer situation earlier this year.Up to 13 players could be removed from Manchester United’s first team list this summer, according to the newspaper.That includes five players whose contracts expire in the summer – Pogba, Lingard, Cavani, mata and Grant.Apart from Pogba, four of the five players are almost certain to leave United.Lingard was on his way out this winter, but Newcastle’s offer of a £12m relegation bonus in the face of a bona fide loan offer from united’s top management saw the reds walk away.After this trouble, Lingard and united’s relationship with a crack, contract extension is basically impossible, Summer window must go.Mata is unlikely to get a chance to play in the first team, his contract is almost certain to return to La Liga to join Real Sociedad;Grant, 39, is also out of contract and is not expected to leave.As for Pogba, there is a lot of talk but not a lot of real interest.Real Madrid can almost rule out juve’s ability to meet pogba’s salary, commission and signing demands after securing Vlahovic remains to be seen.The most likely candidates are Greater Paris, who need a big boost to stay competitive with the possible departure of Kylian Mbappe this summer, and pogba is a must-have opportunity.There are four players who have made it clear they want to leave, namely Marcel, Van der Beek, Bailey and Dean Henderson.Of those four, van der Beek is the only one who will almost certainly leave.Martial, needless to say, publicly declared his intention to leave for the first time since joining Manchester United and was eventually granted his wish to join Sevilla on loan.Martial is almost certain to leave Manchester united this summer, regardless of whether Sevilla opt for a permanent buyout.Bailly has renewed his contract, but his hunger for a first team place is growing and it is almost impossible to satisfy at United.He was also hoping to leave on loan this winter, but that did not happen for various reasons.And by Summer window, his desire to leave the team will be even stronger.Dean Henderson’s return to Manchester United was a complete disappointment and his biggest impact was to activate the best of David de Gea.He had hinted more than once that he wanted to leave, but Ranick would not let anyone go at winter Window.In addition, jontasi, pereira, Phil Jones, tuanzebe are all likely to leave this summer.His contract expires this summer and United have the option to extend it for another year, but given the quality of the players and the intense competition within the squad, it is highly likely that he will leave.Parreira is currently on loan at Flamengo and has made it clear that he wants to remain at the club beyond the end of his loan term with a view to making his move official.With only a year left on his contract, United are likely to meet the player’s demands.Phil Jones was expected to leave on loan during the winter window, with United willing to waive the loan fee and cover 75% of his salary, but the player refused to join Bordeaux and the deal fell through.But this summer, the flying Generals are likely to continue their search for a new employer.Tuanzebe once showed a good potential, but the body is too fragile, injury seriously restricted his development.Tuanzebe has been loaned out to Napoli since being let out by villa, but he has seen very little playing time and is sure to be loaned out again at the end of the season.He will either remain on loan or leave united on a permanent basis.The 13 departures represent almost half of united’s current 27 first-team players.To be honest, with so many players to deal with in one transfer window and with transfers to make, it will be a huge challenge for united’s new management team, but it will be a rare opportunity for Rangnick to make his mark.We know that at the end of the season, Rangnick will take a back seat as an adviser to the club.The manager has doubts about coaching, but is top notch in terms of team building.With his keen eye on people, United are expected to make a cost-effective move in the transfer market.