Ruzhou Power Supply Company: Party member commandos charge the front line to protect the “epidemic” of electricity war

2022-04-24 0 By

Top news • Henan Business Daily reporter Sun Chao, correspondent Ma Xiaoldanlian Shengtao “Thank you for checking our line, now the whole isolation point electricity is normal and stable, we can rest assured electricity……”On February 3, Zhang Lei, deputy general manager of ruzhou Power supply Company, led the power supply service party member commandos of the Marketing Department to check the safety of electricity consumption at the epidemic isolation point of Qizhuang, Wangzhai township, to ensure safe and reliable power supply.”The epidemic is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility.”The Spring Festival of 2022 is so unusual due to the sudden COVID-19 outbreak that people do not care about the celebration and reunion of the Spring Festival. Ruzhou Power Supply Company thoroughly implements the important instructions of Henan Province, Pingdingshan Power Supply Company and Ruzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government to air out the epidemic situation, and actively responds to the call.At the first time, three party member commandos were established, consisting of the company’s leaders, middle-level cadres, key Party members and active party members, to charge in the front line of epidemic prevention and control and power supply service guarantee, so that the Party flag flies high in winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control, and ensure that the people of the city have a bright and peaceful Spring Festival.”The more critical the moment is, the more important it is to play the role of the Party organization as a fighting fortress.All party members and cadres of the company should earnestly implement the work of epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely ensure that where there is need and danger, there will be party members as pioneers, leading by example and fighting on the front line.”Ruzhou power supply company party members have rushed to the well-documented, during the festival, in the epidemic prevention and control to protect the power supply operation, party shock brigade pay close attention to the local epidemic dynamic and epidemic prevention and control of deployment situation, in-depth local hospitals, hospital, epidemic prevention station, epidemic prevention and control key area such as isolated point, detailed understanding of the electricity demand during epidemic prevention and control,Check the operation of power distribution room equipment, power supply and self-provided power supply, carry out special line patrols, comb and check the power consumption of key places for epidemic prevention and control in the jurisdiction, protect the power grid with care, and ensure the normal operation of power equipment.During the period, the company cooperated fully, united as one, helped the enterprise eliminate 12 defects and dealt with electricity problems for 5 times.At the same time, actively cooperate with the Municipal Party committee and the municipal government to do a good job of joint prevention and control of the epidemic, organize party member commandos to set up checkpoints in subcontracted communities, arrange two party members to carry out 24-hour round-the-clock duty every day, hang propaganda slogans, improve the awareness of prevention and control.Where the epidemic is, the party members and cadres of the Power supply company in Ruzhou are fighting.The more difficult and dangerous the moment is, the more we must strengthen our confidence and unite as one, the more we must play the role of Party organizations as fortresses, and the more we must demonstrate the responsibility of Party members and officials.At present, the ruzhou Power Supply Company’s 3 party member commandos are fighting on all fronts of the city, so that the Party flag flying high in the front line of the epidemic prevention and control struggle, for the people’s safe and reliable supply of electricity escort.