Quyi net refutes rumors, “Happy dialect” is not copied from Dashan, works for Jiang Kun, authorized apprentice performance

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In the morning of February 5th, quyi website published a literary review of Teacher Jiang Kun’s Spring Festival Gala crosstalk “Happy Dialect”, and refuted one thing: Teacher Jiang Kun’s original “Happy Dialect”, and authorized his disciple Dashan to perform, there is no “Jiang Kun copied Dashan”.The official information of “Quyi Net” shows that quyi net was established under the initiative and guidance of Teacher Jiang Kun, aiming to spread Chinese quyi to millions of families at home and abroad through the form of Internet, and bring joy to Chinese people all over the world.Therefore, quyi’s comments on literature and art can be seen as a clarification and refutation of rumors:After the founding of new China, under the new policy guidance, to Mr. Hou, crosstalk artist, as the main representative of bootstrapping, Wu Xiaoling astronomers in Lao she, linguists, under the help and support of leading Su Wenmao, zhen-duo zhao, Li Boxiang, ai-min hao, such as a new generation of artists, consciously abandon the contempt for the working people of bad taste,Purify the language, improve crosstalk show style, finishing writing performed “mandarin and dialect”, the drama and the dialect, “learn four provinces”, “ningbo dialect” and so on one batch of introduction and imitation works of excellent crosstalk dialects, added theory Shanghai dialect, suzhou, ningbo and other content, vivid, lifelike, as local people relish.”Cantonese” created by Mr. Ma Ji is a continuation of the traditional “inverted mouth” in the new era of reform and opening up, which further expands the “geographical territory” of “inverted mouth” and expands the influence of crosstalk art.On the basis of “Cantonese”, Jiang Kun’s “Joyful Dialect” is the artistic crystallization of continuous adaptation, development and improvement after more than 40 years of artistic experience, with the creation and performance mode of “disassembling and reinventing again and again”.He taught this piece of work to his disciple Dashan.The cantonese dialects mainly focuses on the theory itself, show the crosstalk artist oral imitation, and the joy dialect perfectly imitate, not only local audience to accept strict inspection, and on the basis of imitation show focus on the introduction and dialect phonetic rules, let the audience learning and know the why, even the local audiences may not understand the professional knowledge,Highlight the colorful and unique charm of the Chinese language and show the great charm of crosstalk as a language art.In the face of the official refutation, “Jiang Kun copied Dashan” of the rumor naturally dispelled.In fact, a little familiar with crosstalk audience, will be sniffed at this rumor.Just as the official rumor refuting content of Quyi website says, crosstalk “Happy Dialect” is a work that has experienced decades of polishing, which is gradually honed and developed in daily performances.Here, the old editor may wish to listen to some so-called experience of cross talk, examples of the prototype of cross talk, how to achieve development step by step.The earliest example can be traced back to 1987, when the sixth National Games was held in Guangzhou. Two teachers, Jiang Kun and Tang Jiezhong, performed a crosstalk work called Cantonese.This work was repeatedly played on the radio at that time, and even became the earliest memory of Cantonese for many northerners.At the end of “Cantonese”, the song “The Night of the Military Port” was also sung.Of course, Cantonese at that time only imitated Cantonese, but did not rise to the level of analyzing Cantonese pronunciation.Many of our young viewers, who grew up listening to “crosstalk” that TV stations would not allow to broadcast, seem to really cannot understand our old audience’s love for Jiang Kun.In 1987, Teacher Jiang Kun performed this “Cantonese”, which was widely broadcast on radio stations in that year.Later, Hong Kong films moved north, and many Cantonese films and songs arrived.For us, the old audience, the earliest contact with Cantonese, jiang Kun teacher’s “Cantonese” began.For example, in 2008, there was a program called “Qu Yuan Zitan” on CCTV.In this program, Jiang Kun and Dai Zhicheng also performed “Cantonese”.On May 6, 2008, the special program of “Quyuan Zatan”, the song of migrant workers — gathering at the Lanshan construction site of CoFCO, this is the content, which can be found in CCTV, and can be watched on the Internet.Let’s keep looking for examples.On February 4, 2019, Mr. Jiang Kun’s student Dashan performed the stand-up comedy “Skillfully learn Chinese” in the 6th Overseas Spring Festival evening (” Dashan Kan Dashan: Beijingers can’t speak Cantonese “, it should be the same time).This is also available online, you can see the full version.The reason why the old editor is very impressed by this work is that at that time, “Skillfully Learning Chinese” was very popular. We who have listened to Teacher Jiang Kun’s “Cantonese” know that Teacher Jiang Kun put out his own work and let students play it freely, which is a real friendship between teachers and students.Let’s continue with the example.On The evening of September 19, 2020, Jiang Kun and Dai Zhicheng performed crosstalk songs “Singing instead of Learning” and “Cantonese” on Guangdong TV’s “Ode to Joy for a Good Life”.These two works can be said to be the most close to the Spring Festival Gala crosstalk “happy dialect”.The reason why the old editor has an impression on this work is that, at that time, Guangdong SATELLITE TV was always lagging behind in real-time ratings of major ratings platforms. However, after the broadcast of “Ode to Joy and Good Life”, guangdong Satellite TV once ranked top five or even top three in ratings during the same period.When Teacher Jiang Kun came on stage, guangdong TV’s real-time ratings were particularly good.Next, the teacher Jiang Kun in the spring of the year of the Tiger evening “Happy Dialect”.Obviously, this cross talk work has experienced many years of polishing, has been in the performance of progress.This way of creation may also be unfamiliar to some young audiences who listen to “crosstalk not allowed by TV stations”.In fact, before “TV stations do not let the broadcast of cross talk”, there have been many excellent cross talk predecessors, in the creation and performance repeatedly polished a cross talk, so that this section of cross talk is often new.For example, we are most familiar with the teacher Ma Sanli’s “Play with you”, in fact, there are many versions, Ma Lao each performance tone, also have some different, each version, has its own flavor.Finally, a few words about the flaws of “Merry Dialect.”After this cross talk Tiger Spring Festival gala broadcast, I felt very knowledgeable, is really the knowledge of ancient Chinese and cross talk art together.However, there were entertainment accounts writing articles immediately, denigrating the work, saying it was not funny, wanting to cry and so on.Therefore, I wrote a personal opinion that night, that this cross talk cultural foundation is very high, is really elegant cross talk.Because I am not good at learning art, but also because of the haste of writing, I did not find several flaws and mistakes in “Happy dialect”.Later, my senior students in The Department of Chinese language and literature helped me point out several flaws in the crosstalk.After careful research, I believe that there are indeed flaws and omissions in The Joyous Dialect.Later, I saw some experts and scholars on the Internet help to point out these flaws.I think, Jiang Kun teacher must be able to see.It is a great thing for everyone to discuss problems in the academic field, improve a crosstalk work and help crosstalk performers to a higher level.As quyi website says, it was academic masters such as Lao She and Luo Changpei who helped cross talk to a higher level, making cross talk an advanced language art.This time, many linguists helped point out the omissions and flaws in “Happy Dialect,” just as linguist Luo Changpei helped crosstalk creators.This seems to be a good inheritance.(By Ma Qingyun)