Provident Fund management center city direct management department condenses the heart to gather strength to work hard and vigorously implement to open a new bureau

2022-04-24 0 By

The smell of the New Year dispersed, housing provident fund management center direct management department of all cadres and workers quickly into the state of work, with time does not wait for me, seize the day for the spirit of the New Year work to open a good bureau, from a good step.Timely held “accepting heart will”, which requires all the cadres and workers to sift work ideas, work methodically, do “accepting heart, peace of mind, concentrate on”, and focus your mind and energy to the current work priorities, to “also is late again today early, early and late again tomorrow” work style, fast action, and to further strengthen the awareness of the rules, discipline consciousness,Throw yourself into your work with enthusiasm.Focus on overdue loan collection, collection and expansion, loan issuance, accumulation fund extraction, party conduct and clean government construction and other key tasks, further enhance the sense of responsibility, efficiency, quality awareness, strive for a higher level of work.We should adhere to political principles, abide by rules, focus on learning, improve quality, and take responsibility and courage as requirements. We should vigorously promote the true-seeking, pragmatic and hard work spirit, further strengthen the overall picture and the sense of coordination, constantly update our thinking, constantly increase our knowledge reserve, and work hard and fast to ensure a good start and a good start in the New Year.Up to now, 29.623,400 yuan of housing provident fund has been collected, and 12.584,000 yuan of loans have been issued, an increase of 1.922 million yuan and 1.304 million yuan over the same period last year.(Liu Yonghua) (Article: Zhangye Daily)