Los Angeles Mayor: I hold my breath every time I take off my mask, so there’s no risk of infection

2022-04-24 0 By

Los Angeles Mayor Luciano Garchetti was criticized for not wearing a mask when he posed with a soccer star at a local game, Russian media reported.The mayor, however, was as tough as brass. He did not admit he was wrong, but defended himself by a series of crooked arguments.Ms. Garchetti said she held her breath whenever she took off her mask, so there was no risk of infection.In other words, Garchetti believes that if you don’t breathe, you won’t catch COVID-19.This is a bizarre statement, especially two years after the COVID-19 outbreak, to come up with such a fallacy to justify his wrongdoings. It is not clear whether the mayor has no imagination or too much imagination.Are americans being taught not to breathe to cope with COVID-19?Two years later, a significant number of Americans still haven’t figured out the most basic and effective way to fight the pandemic: wearing a mask.The reason for this is that wearing masks, or masks themselves, has become a political issue in the United States. Just like the politicization of the epidemic, masks have also been politicized. Conservatives in the United States are strongly opposed to wearing masks, and some even put forward the statement that “masks are tools of murder”.There’s a lot of polarization in America right now, and masks are a good example.In the case of Mr. Garchetti, the criticism that he drew for not wearing a mask shows that there are americans who support wearing masks, and those who oppose the practice.While others are firmly opposed to wearing masks.The simple act of wearing masks has deeply divided America.The scariest part is that it is the authorities who are taking the lead. Some Americans are not opposed to wearing masks in the first place, but some politicians are hyping up and speaking out against wearing masks.A typical example is former PRESIDENT Trump of the United States, who did not support wearing masks at the very beginning, and he resolutely did not wear masks even though his daughter and granddaughter did. Trump did not wear masks even though he wore eye patches. Later, he had no choice but to force his opposition, but still did not actively support it.Against this backdrop, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued some bizarre regulations at the beginning of the epidemic, such as calling for infected people to wear masks and those who were not.Even fauci, the HEAD of the U.S. anti-epidemic team, did not support wearing masks at first.Could such a world-class expert not know that masks can stop the spread of the virus?He could not have been unaware, but in the American context, he was ambivalent.There is another telling phenomenon.Before he became president, Biden supported various scientific quarantine measures and wore a mask everywhere he went.However, as Soon as Biden took office, he was frequently spotted not wearing a mask in public, whether with politicians or when he was walking around freely. On the contrary, Trump, who had previously opposed all kinds of scientific quarantine measures, began urging Americans to get vaccinated.Why the contrast?Biden is in and Trump is out.When people come to power, many things will not be about science, but about politics.With all the top experts in the US, why can’t the epidemic be contained?It is because they are all politicized that until now American politicians have been able to say “hold your breath and there is no risk of infection”.