How does occurrence mouth dry, nutrition recuperate

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To reduce the taste of dry mouth, avoid foods with too much flavor, such as those that are too sweet, salty or spicy, such as ice, chewing gum, drinking weak tea, lemon juice or high-calorie drinks;Alcoholic beverages should also be avoided.Food should be made into a smoother form, if frozen, frozen meat, porridge, etc.;It can also be eaten with gravy, broth or beverages to aid swallowing.Edible juicy fruit, such as pear, horseshoe, lotus root, peach, apple, melon, etc.Gargle frequently but do not abuse mouthwash, keep mouth moist, prevent oral infection, also protect teeth.Avoid breathing through your mouth.Occurrence abdominal pain abdominal distension, what food measure is there?Avoid coarse, fibrous and gas-producing foods, such as beans, Onions, non-vegetables, radishes, milk and carbonated drinks.Avoid irritating foods or condiments.Small and frequent meals are better than three.Food should not be too hot or too cold.Light exercise or walking can reduce abdominal distention and strengthen abdominal massage.