Gu’s success may not be replicable, but her spirit is worth everyone learning!

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Introduction: Who is the network top flow these days?No one will shake their heads when they say Gu Ailing.Who wouldn’t be interested in the 19-year-old who won China’s first ever women’s moguls gold medal and became the country’s youngest winter Olympic gold medalist?Mom called me and said, did you watch the Winter Olympics?Does Gu Ailing know?Got the gold medal!Excited and excited tone, as if his daughter won the award.My sister made a video call and told me how a child like Gu Ailing could be educated. I would not worry if my child were half of her.The implication is that Gu Ailing has been regarded as an example for children to learn.However, there are also many doubts on the Internet, arguing that Gu’s parents have good genes and a good family environment, which are far beyond the reach of ordinary people, and her success has nothing to do with ordinary people.Is it really so?Maybe you’re wrong!Born, raised and trained in San Francisco, Gu became a Chinese citizen at the age of 15 and began to fight for China.Gu’s mother, a graduate of Stanford University, is a member of the Peking University short track speed skating team and a part-time ski coach for a long time.Gu’s mother introduced him to skiing when he was very young. It sounds cool, but exercise is very hard work.Some people say that Gu’s success is mainly due to her natural talent, but more importantly, there is her insightfully sweet effort and hard work, which cannot be ignored.Gu Began to practice skiing at the age of 3, and she has persevered until now. It is not easy for us outsiders to explain what she has suffered and what she has suffered.Moreover, she did so well in academic subjects that she was only 20 points short of full score in the college entrance examination and was successfully admitted to Stanford University.Is it just a matter of being gifted?Although Gu Is the only child in her family, and her family is well off, she is not arrogant.I worked even harder.Her mother said that her daughter was very competitive. Once in a competition, Aileen had a fever. Her mother said, “You are still sick, and you have never jumped such a platform.But Irene’s answer was: “In the competition, people don’t care who doesn’t jump.”What we see now, gu Ailing, who is blessed with the champion and the halo, actually has a lot of self-discipline that no one can imagine. She manages her time well, which is what ordinary people can do if they work hard.Take each day seriously and each of your goals.Do you also need to be gifted?”When you have a chance to try something, try your best, because the worst thing you can do is just not to like it,” Said Gu.Indeed, excellent genes are one aspect, family environment is also a large part, more important is their perseverance, willing to adhere to, persistent efforts, this is the key.Your child is also on nine years of compulsory education, why but no other people Gu Ailing so excellent?Regardless of factors and family environment, children have perseverance is the most important.Gu Admitted that she should sleep 10 hours a day, and Bai yansong also called on parents to let their children sleep 10 hours.Is it possible to become such an outstanding person after 10 hours of sleep?The answer is no, because this is only the premise of maintaining full physical strength, more important is to have the courage to challenge.Gu’s mother called her after her second jump and suggested that she choose the safer 1440 to at least secure a silver medal.But Gu said, “Mom, I don’t want to do that.”In the competition, she is not competing with others, but with her own competition, more hope is beyond their own.When I challenge myself again and again, even if the result is not satisfactory, I will still choose to compare with myself. I will cross my limit and be better than myself last time, which is what Ailing hopes.Although 1620 is just over a year old, and the idea is also a flash.Gu Also has an excellent quality, which is worth learning, that is, “immersion” doing things, learning, that is, 100% energy to learn, skiing, also with 100% time.Now, a lot of kids and adults, a lot of people, don’t do that.While brushing the mobile phone, while eating, while reading, while watching TV, the result of half-hearted is also obvious, is nothing done.Therefore, Gu’s success has something to do with ordinary people. She has many excellent qualities that are worth learning from.Gu Ailing would be a very good person even if she abandoned her congenital conditions and unique family environment.Many bored Internet users began to dig into Gu’s family background and education experience, believing that these were important reasons for her success.Little do they know, those are actually 0, gu Ailing’s own efforts and persistence is 1!(The pictures in this article are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete them.)