Feng Shui master confessions (a) from

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Half of life, looking back, inevitably sigh.I have taught myself Taoism and Enlightenment for more than ten years.The road is long, and one walks alone.In this narrative to borrow passers-by to watch, or gain, less crooked road.I grew up in a rich family and was one of the early rich people in the 1990s after the reform and opening up.My father was fond of writing and painting. He had many books in his family and had contacts with some local monks.However, I do not like piano chess painting, like to go out.I like to chew melon seeds and sugar cane.During the father’s request, brush practice a permanent number of words day, point horizontal and vertical tick left na, but no wisdom, heart is not here, but quit.Also practice brush painting, painting a watermelon, the heart is not quiet things.However, I still clearly remember some trifles when I was seven or eight years old. For example, when I was a child, I could always see people or things when I was watching a little irregular paint on the wall.Another example: sometimes sleep, sometimes in a daze, often thinking in my mind, as I do, there is a pen written by god, if I think of this at this time, whether it is also for god to let me think, repeated, endless cycle, never answer.Later, when I mentioned zhuangzhou’s dream of butterfly in school, I could hardly avoid saying that I had done this when I was young, but others had a dream of butterfly, while I had a dream of heaven and human.People can’t tell dreams from dreams, but I think pen within pen, book within book.