Everything from their own body to find the reason (suggest all people see!

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Nothing is difficult, much ado about nothing.The reason why we live so tired, because the heart loaded too many unimportant but extremely hurt people and things.In life, it is hard to avoid a lot of unsatisfactory things, there will always be a lot of regret and regret, when we are very lost, and nowhere to vent, many people will begin to “blame”.It is not only sad but also stupid to blame god for not looking at us and others for not doing anything for us.What is our first reaction when we encounter a problem?Do we shift responsibility to the environment and others, or do we think first of our own responsibility?For years there was a wife who kept complaining about her neighbor’s laziness. “That woman’s clothes never get cleaned. Look, she’s drying them out in the yard and they’re always spotted….”Until one day, a perceptive friend came to her house and found that it was not the wife’s clothes on the other side that were not clean.Her friend took a cloth and wiped the stains off the window, saying, “Look, it’s already clean!”It turned out that the Windows of his home were dirty.Mencius says, “If you have done something, you must turn to yourself.”Do not succeed, encounter setbacks and difficulties, or interpersonal relationship is not good, do not blame, but to introspect, all from their own body to find the reason.All from their own body to find the reason, is a kind of inner introspection, is to let oneself live more real, let noble people get this should be self-love and self-esteem.A young man complained to Qingjing: because of his straightforwardness and frankness, he offended people everywhere and everything went wrong;After graduating from university, set foot on the society, but more and more world-weary, feeling that people in the society do not like to listen to the truth, always like flattery, false;I do not know how to go in the future, I really hope to walk into the mountains, away from the world……Qingjing told a story: when the Nanyue Huai Rang zen master to pass the lamp in Ma Zu Road one.Seeing Ma Zu Daoyi meditating all day long, Master Huai Rang greeted him, but Ma Zu ignored him.Master Huai Rang took a brick and rubbed it on the ground in front of Ma Zu.Ma Zu could not help asking, “Old master, what are you doing?””Grind bricks to make mirrors.””How can a brick be made into a mirror?You’re joking!””Well, what are you doing?””Meditate!”What is meditation for?””To become a Buddha!””If a brick cannot grind a mirror, can you become a Buddha by meditating?”Stunned, Ma Zu asked, “What’s the right thing to do?”Huai Rang said, “For example, if an ox pulls a cart and the cart does not move, should we take a taxi or a cow?”‘Beating cows, of course!Huai Rang said: “You are obviously taking a taxi now!”Qingjing said: “we are cows ourselves, and the objective condition is the car. It is obvious whether to take a taxi or a cow.We live in this world, just like driving on the road, the road is straight and straight, and the road is curved.Have a traffic accident, or fall into a ditch, to reflect on their own mismanagement.It is worthless and meaningless to complain that there are too many twists and turns in the road.External objective conditions may not be determined by us, but it is entirely possible to change ourselves.The young man said: MY nature is frank and outspoken, and it is hard to change!The doctrine of Purity: being straight and outspoken is not a weakness, but even an excellent qualification for practice.However, communication with different people needs to pay attention to attitude and skills: communicate with the elderly do not forget his self-esteem;Communicate with a man do not forget his face;When communicating with a woman, don’t forget her emotions;Don’t forget your superior’s dignity when communicating with him;When communicating with youth, don’t forget his directness;Communicate with your child and don’t forget his innocence.An attitude to the world, is bound to run into walls everywhere;According to local conditions, vary from person to person, can be universally accessible.The young man said: I am full of fear and pessimism about my future.Feel almost all people in the society, are very hypocritical, treacherous, selfish……What can be done to improve this state of affairs?Top 3 Wastes of life in the world: 1. Reviews.Others do not depend on you to live, let alone you may not know all about them, it is better to take the advantages of others to complement your own shortcomings.2. The blame.Blaming everyone will not change the situation.Mutual encouragement is better than blame, is to improve their own, but also happy everyone.3. The concern.Worry comes when you are unprepared or unable to change. The former requires action. The latter requires letting go.On the journey of life, people often carry two packages, one of which contains the faults of others, the other of which contains their own.It is common, however, when one travels through life, to carry the bundle with the faults of others on his chest, and his own on his back.Most of the time it is not others who limit us to do things, but we limit ourselves.Many difficulties are dreamt up by cowardly people, and when they do, they find nothing.Everything is from their own inner fear!If we do not succeed, we should immediately turn back to ourselves to find the reason.All from their own body to find the reason, is a kind of inner introspection, is to let oneself live more real, let noble people get this should be self-love and self-esteem.After this thought, the heart suddenly enlightened, it can be said: “clear, the heart, the matter from.”So why don’t we be selfish and “look to ourselves” more?From now on, learn to use a normal heart, to experience the confusion of the earth, to have the world’s most simple joy and happiness.