After the beginning, another mystery hit was born!

2022-04-24 0 By

The Beginning is the first big hit in China in 2022. It is a thriller TV series with only 15 episodes, but it has 2 billion hits, making bai Jingting, Zhao Jinmai and others famous because of this film.After the Beginning, another mystery drama became popular, dominating online drama clicks for three consecutive days from February 11 to 13, while Dawn of the River, which debuted on February 12, received 85.19 million views.Like the Beginning, The Dawn of the River is an addictive work, with a gripping plot and twists that make it enjoyable to watch.Jiang Zhao Liming has a total of 24 episodes, ma Sichun, Bai Ke, Liu Kai, Zhang Yao, Gao Xuyang, a total of 24 episodes, so far has been broadcast 18 episodes, gradually revealed the mystery.The story is a murder from the beginning, but no one knows who the victim is or even the gender is revealed. Then her husband Su Rui kills his wife Li Xiaonan in order to cheat her for money.At the beginning, he thought That Li Xiaonan is the victim, but, with the development of the plot, the victim is not Li Xiaonan, but Su Rui, this series of plot, are the same, not only full of suspense, but also full of subversion.Li Xiaonan, Wang Cheng, Yu Hong, Liang Heyu, these characters, all full of mystery, are the killers of Su Rui.”The Dawn of the River” starts out wonderful, realistic and meaningful, but by the tenth episode, the pace slows down.In episodes 17 and 18, the plot explodes again, even filling in the holes and even making the plot more reasonable.In general, The production level and quality of Dawn is very high, and judging from the current development trend, it is no less than the Beginning.