Hua Jia Class racing car culture tour Town car King competition passion staged for the citizens to present a wonderful visual feast

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In the morning of February 4th, in qujiang District Huajia Class racing culture brigade town, a tense and exciting racing show is in hot.Coincides with the Spring Festival holiday, despite the cold weather, it still attracted many citizens with their children to experience this visual feast with great “speed and passion”.At 11 o ‘clock in the morning, with a loud roar of the car, the performance in the expectations of the official start, a variety of difficult stunts staged in turn, perfect presentation of the “kiss of death” “speed drift” “S-shaped drift” “unilateral speed” “drift into the warehouse” and other breathtaking stunts.In addition to the racing performance, the event also provided the audience with a thrilling motorcycle stunt show, the performance of the demonstration riders to the most incisive and incisive motorcycle, truly realize the “integration of man and car”.”Front and rear wheel lift”, “in-situ steering”, “drift tail dump”…At this moment, the motorcycle is no longer just a daily vehicle driving on the flat road, but a mechanical horse, obeying the silent call of the knight, charging into the world that belongs to them.The skillful driving skills of the racer and the speed of the wind and lightning make the audience greatly satisfied, applause and cheers, the atmosphere of the scene is very warm.Not only that, the organizer also invited the audience to participate in the thrilling stunt performances and experience the roaring racing experience with the racers of Huajia Class.With the car cornering, accelerating, accelerating and surpassing, let the audience personally experience the excitement and tension of the charge on the track.Mr. Li, who went to experience the rally, said, “It is very exciting and enjoyable. It is a rare experience.”In the exhibition field, the rally drivers compete with each other, all the way through the thorns, thrilling, fun, staged a speed and passion of the cross-country race blockbuster.It is reported that during the Spring Festival, Huajia class car culture travel town arranged a tense and exciting car stunt and track PK show, in addition to the exciting car king competition, the town also placed many different styles of off-road vehicles in the large grass, for citizens to take photos and punch cards.In addition, the town also prepared a series of wonderful play projects, such as kart, four-wheel drive jungle off-road, bobo pool, zipper, cliff swing, etc., to provide a good place for citizens to play during the Spring Festival.Please bring your family and children to hua Jia Class Racing Culture Travel Town to experience a brand new racing experience.(reprint shaoguan Daily Zeng Zhuo) Statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: