Guide for purchasing labor protection shoes for chemical fertilizer Factory

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Chemical fertilizer, chemical fertilizer for short.A chemical or physical fertilizer containing one or more nutrients needed to grow crops.Also called inorganic fertilizer, including nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, micro fertilizer, compound fertilizer and so on.A fertilizer plant is a place where chemical fertilizers are produced.The working environment of chemical factory often involves chemical products, which are easy to cause harm to human body, so the staff must be equipped with professional labor protection tools.Now let xiaobian briefly introduce what kind of labor protection shoes should be equipped with chemical fertilizer factory.Chemical fertilizer factory panorama overview 01 To choose corrosion resistant acid and alkali labor protection shoes.Fertilizer plants usually use chemical products to make fertilizer, common phosphate fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, potash fertilizer is a large demand for chemical fertilizer plants.The workers in the fertilizer factory are exposed to the chemical environment for a long time, which is easy to harm the body.Therefore, the body must be strictly isolated from the environment, wear anti-acid and alkali corrosion of labor protection shoes, protect the feet.Corrosion-resistant labor protection shoes 02 to choose high-quality labor protection shoes brand.When buying labor protection shoes, the first choice is well-known and good brand.The labor protection shoes required by the fertilizer factory have high requirements for corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance, so the buyer must pay attention to the selection of the material of the upper and sole of the labor protection shoes.Big brand manufacturer is in normally use mastow and select material go up won’t ambiguous, the production of shoe to labor protection has quality to assure.Acidproof alkali labor protects shoe 03 should choose waterproof to prevent slippery labor protects shoe.Fertiliser production cannot avoid contact with water, and workers who walk on wet ground for long periods of time can be at risk of slipping.And if crural ministry is in wet environment for a long time, also may cause crural ministry disease.Therefore, we must choose the waterproof anti-skid performance of the clearance of labor protection shoes.Waterproof and non-slip labor protection shoes above, is xiaobian on how to choose labor protection shoes put forward some suggestions.If you don’t know anything, please discuss it in the comments section.# Labor shoes #